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Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel 907213 Should I buy it?

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  • Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel 907213 Should I buy it?

    I am looking at a Miller Bobcat 250 Diesel 907213 with less than 60 hours on machine. What is the difference between this one & the new one 907565001? Are there any known problems with these machines? They are asking what I can purchase a new 250 efi for. This machine will sit unused for months at a time so i thought the diesel might give less trouble. What do y'all think?

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    6 of one half dozen of the other. The Diesel will be fine, and the gasser will be fine with a stabilizer in the fuel. I'm not a great lover of the high rev diesels, and diesel fuel itself cost more. but for your purposes as long as its tuned correct will last quite a while, but so does the gasser.

    Very little difference between any of the 250 diesels within the last 10 years.