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Slag is being a real pain to get off.

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  • Slag is being a real pain to get off.

    Okay this is 4G SMAW on 3/8" plate. I'm running about 118 on my root pass and 124 on my hot pass. The problem I'm having is that the slag is rock solid inside the groove and it takes a solid 10 minutes of smashing a chipping hammer into it to get the slag out. I'm using Excalibur 7018s.

    The beads themselves are great. Good consistency, no to minimal undercut, and good fusion. The cover pass doesn't have this problem, the slag just falls off. The welds passed the bend test with no problems.

    Anyone have any idea why it is doing this or how to fix it? I've already passed the test but I'd like to know why it's acting like this inside the groove and how I could fix it for future reference.

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    Slag is being a real pain to get off.

    I assume your running 1/8 rod with that heat. if so it's a little cold . plus your trying to stack a lot of metal . I would run 3/32 at 90-94 degrees


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      Whoops, yeah its 1/8. Forgot to add that.

      I tried running a root at 130 on a practice test, it helped a little but the slag was still stuck in there. When it's stuck like that it makes me worried that I have inclusions but so far I haven't seen any sign of it.

      I may run another test Tuesday and jack the amps up to see what happens. I already passed it so at least I might learn something.


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        Slag is being a real pain to get off.

        Wire brush on a grinder, but I suggest changing your angle
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          Originally posted by strictlycarved View Post
          Wire brush on a grinder, but I suggest changing your angle
          Not allowed on certification test.


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            I weld moments all day and have the same thing some times. its comes down to contaminates, (paint, dirt, anything, even if it looks clean and ground. moister rust,) try holding your rod at a diffent angle and a deeper puddle
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              I also find if the slag is a pain to clean out on the toe of my beads on a groove weld I will wiggle the weld in to make it slightly wider and sit flat so I don't have a low spot on either side of my bead that let's the slag hang on.
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                Ran another test. 124 root, 130 hot, and 124 cover. That combined with a slower, slightly wider weave seemed to fix the problems. It still stuck but no where near as bad as before. A few small hits and it starts crumbling out. Never bothered actually testing it so it could have failed for all I know but it looked like a solid test.

                Thanks for the info everyone.