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  • XR Control with Syncrowave

    Can the XR Control be used with a Syncrowave 350LX? From my research so far it seems like it might work, but I'm not sure... Both use the 14 pin connector, but comparison of the pinouts indicate the XR needs 115v on pin I, which the Syncrowave docs say "isn't used." Not sure if "isn't used" also means isn't provided... If the answer is yes so far, then I have another question... How does the XR control the arc length with a CC power source? Wire speed perhaps? I'm also wondering if the syncronized programs for weld parameters are dependent upon power source and might not not be available for the Syncrowave. Comments from anyone with experience with this setup (esp. w/ Aluminum) would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    xr compatability

    Not sure if xr is compatable with your welder. On my xr arc length is controled by OPTMIA pulse GMAW control. It's connected in line on 14 pin circuit.


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      What machine are you using for a power source-XMT 304?? I had an Optima pulser with the XMT 304 several years ago and sold the whole set up. Looking back it was a good decision to fund going mobile. but I miss the pulse control. My Trailblazer is not compatible with the Optima.

      I just bought an XR edge system to run from my Trailblazer, but don't have it all together yet.


      I don't think the XR will work with your Syncrowave in a straight CC mode. I might be wrong. Where's ROCK or Andy when you need them. Why don't you give Miller a call and see what tech support has to say?


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        Yes, I have the XMT 304 power supply. I looked at the XR edge system and am considering buying it. Let us know how you like it after you get it running.



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          After some thought maybe the XR will work with the Syncrwave in a CC mode. I don't think the XR requires 115v. I believe it 24 vac only. If this is true, then you might be able to set the XR up with a voltage sensing lead. This is a viable option printed in the owner's manual for using the VS lead for CC operation. Did you talk with Miller Technical?


          I been too busy playing catch up to hook up my XR. Maybe this will happen next week. I let you know what I think.


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            Hawk, Nighthours: Thanks for your reply. Haven't had an opportunity to call Miller tech support yet, but will try tomorrow. I'll pass on the results... Thanks again.


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              Talking to Service (dave) now...........He will answer this for you.....Rock..
              [email protected]

              OK Dave is covered up.............Yes it will work on the syncrowave.........He has run it on there mode.........Rock


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                The XR can be set as a voltage sensing feeder which will allow it to operate off of a constant current welder. Now the XR works off of 24vac and the Syncrowave does not supply 24vac in its 14 pin receptacle. This can be worked around by using a PSA 2 control.
                If you want more details regarding the operation and hook up call this number 920-954-3804