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The magic is on the AC side........

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  • The magic is on the AC side........

    When I was at FABTECH, I had an opportunity to chat at some length with one of the experts from ESAB about the merits of advanced inverter welders, especially for TIG.

    As he explained it "The magic is on the AC side", meaning that the sophisticated features generally apply only to AC welding. Therefore, one might be wasting money by buying a highly sophisticated welder, such as a Dynasty, if one is primarily or exclusively using DC for TIG welding.

    When I was discussing this with one of my friends, who is on the board of AWS, he suggested that this tip alone may have paid for my trip to FABTECH. That is, since I almost exclusively weld DC, I would be wasting my money to buy a high end TIG welder. I most frequently weld copper, and probably do not set my Syncrowave to AC more than once or twice a year. Nor do I weld stainless very often.

    So how do you guys who have advanced welders feel about his view, that most of the advantages of the advanced TIG welders apply on the AC side, not the DC side?

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    I do a little bit of everything so I need the advanced AC features of the Dynasties.... I would be sunk with DC only machines..

    For me... the extra investment to have the Dynasty 350DX Tigrunner & Dynasty 200DX and their versatility... was money well spent...

    Of course if you use DC exclusively.. why invest in AC..??

    Sounds to me like the ESAB guy was trying to justify less capable machines.. and making that a selling point..

    I will admit to not being very impressed with today's ESAB... years ago they had been a pretty good outfit... but it seems that they have morphed into a marketing firm for OEM'd offshore stuff... sure have not seen anything innovative or interesting in their lineup...
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      It's true. We have 3 Dynasty 350s and they never get used unless someone needs to play around with AC. If you don't specifically need AC then the high end machines are just a waste.


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        350's useless for DC welding?

        Originally posted by jdj90 View Post
        It's true. We have 3 Dynasty 350s and they never get used unless someone needs to play around with AC. If you don't specifically need AC then the high end machines are just a waste.
        The DC pulse tailoring options available on the 350 allow for a much
        wider range than most inverters. Bead profile, heat input, etc.
        This is one of the reasons why Barrett welds the steel receivers on
        50 cal. sniper rifles with 350's.

        With SS welding these options help as well.
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            In the last 30 years, technology has brought benefit to AC gta welding ten fold as much as it has brought to DC. However, in the last 30 years, it has equally benefited dc pulsed gma, mostly for steel applications.

            The next frontier will be the application of asymmetric AC pulse for gma welding.