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Fresh air system, for under helmet

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  • Fresh air system, for under helmet

    Anyone built their own system for getting fresh air under their helmets to keep positive pressure so fumes are less likely to enter lungs? Considering something like a bathroom exhaust fan with duct work, but seems it will dry eyes and be distracting. I wear reading glasses when welding, might do better to buy a magnifying lens for the helmet. Ususally working with stainless, mainly as a hobby. Try to avoid the fumes, often holding breath and / or using a under helmet carbon filter. Can't help but wonder if some of the chronic joint pain is a result of chromium.

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    You could buy one of those cheap tiny wet dry shop vacs and hook up to the exhaust side maybe a cheap pvc ball valve to regulate airflow. Then buy a sheet (also comes in rolls) of activated carbon filter to wrap the intake with instead of the paper dust filter. or you could have the intake side draw air through some of those mask filters that way you can get a higher level of protection. and also have some options of what kind of filters. Anything you do to keep from breathing fumes in is a good thing. All the old welders i know are dropping like flies.
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      HO! carefull with the cheap vacuum cleaner.

      I just want to add that many if not most of the cheap vacuum have flow-thru motors....

      So you are likely to breathe carbon brushes particles...

      better to use the vac to get the fumes out. Grr they're so noisy... put it outside if next door is not so close