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Miller Maxstar 300 P-8 code

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  • Miller Maxstar 300 P-8 code

    Have a Maxstar 300 with a P-8 code had it checked out at the repair center
    and it has a bad front panel control board.
    It's wired 220 single phase and it 's only ever been used for TIG welding mostly low amp welds with a water cooled torch.
    When it stopped working I had just finished tacking a part at about 60 amps
    pressed the pedal ( wireless) to weld and that's when the error code appeared.
    Tried restarting several times same result.
    Never had a problem sense new and always serviced yearly.
    I have been told the board has obsolete parts by Miller and there isn't any support
    from them.
    Inovat circuit board repair wouldn't touch it.
    The serial # LE024183.
    So question is, scrap or what?

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    Yep scrap, both the Dynasty and Maxtar 300 were junky, ie, really non repairable


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      Thanks for your honesty.
      Sense posting this a friend told me there is someone that can repair them by modifying the panel with switches or knobs of some sort but might be expensive.
      I think it's time for a new welder and a good time to upgrade to AC.


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        Pretty impossible to convert a digital signal to analog. Never work.


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          curous about the machine settings

          HI Spatter,
          I/m curious about your settings when you experienced your problem.
          I've a maxstar 300 myself about 6 months older than your unit and your're the first one I read about that uses the wireless transmitter on that 300 series tig. not even the miller catalogs mention the 300 series even though they mention the xmt304's which came out earlier than mine and they all have the 14 pin plug connection on the front panel..

          How long have you been using it ( wireless) and any issues with it?

          and do you use the pulsing sequencer when you were welding the ss at the low amperage?