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    Let's agree to disagree. I enjoy your posts H80N. I am a fair person for the most part. I do have to disagree to an extent. Miller is a great company. So is HTP. I do not buy stuff for myself based on where it is made. I buy it based on quality. Example(I have a BMW M roadster for weekends), Mercedes are twice the price of Toyota but you have a hard time finding one that will outlast the Toyota. Check Toyota resale vs Mercedes....I had a 200dx and I have used a 350....I liked both. I also replaced a $1000 board in my 200dx....if it was that's hard to swallow when you buy a $5000 package. It was just out of warranty and a relatively low hour machine. I'll give em this, it was a first gen machine. Also, there are a bunch of Miller dealers around.....that comes with being the first ones to the show which they were. I am not here to badmouth Miller but there are other options. Paul at HTP is a good dude. Personally I do mostly aluminum repairs and ss/aluminum metal art on the side now but the invertig 221 is a very capable machine with as many programs as any other. In case you doubt the capabilities talk to dimesfabrication on instagram or google toxic fab. There are no inferior qualities and you get 10% more amps with the duty cycle to suit as well as basically a unit at half the price. Does HTP make their own welders? Not sure, probably not most of them but I do not care. They support them and have for 30 years. I got my HTP invertig 221 loaded for $2860 shipped. This included water cooler, 250 amp watercooled torch, 2 gallons of coolant, a spare consumables kit and everything to get up and running plus some free goodies like torch holder, stickers and 2 t shirts. I never received and freebies from miller with the exception of a replacement flexhead torch for my first gen diversion 165. That original torch was junk. I am not a big Lincoln fan because of how chinese they have been lately but the old dc600s and even stuff like a weldpak 180hd machines are hard to kill. Sorry, this is my opinion,. I am not forcing anything down anyone's throat but their are options that are reliable for people that can't afford to have a Dynasty sitting in their garage for when they get home from work. Dave
    Originally posted by H80N View Post
    A Zillion threads on this over the last 10 or so years...

    do some searching and be prepared for a LOT of reading ...
    you shall find your answer...

    The Dynasties are the finest TIG machines I have ever used and are continually evolving and improving..

    long term track record means a lot to those of us who depend on our tools..

    and yes... quality costs more.. not only the build quality and technology of the machine but the quality of the organization that stands behind it and support network as well

    whether it is worth it for you is a question that only you can answer

    quality tools can be a substantial investment..

    BTW... they are built in Appleton, Wisconson...


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      I bought a Dynasty 200 DX in 2009, use it a few times a week, 350 hours on it and the only thing I had a problem with is the gas valve sticking, I removed it and lubed it up a bit and it works fine now again........
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      mike sr


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        Jersey Welder
        You had a bad experience and that is a shame.. as you said.. your machine was a first gen version.. they have improved and evolved a lot since then..

        And if you search this board for Dynasty 200 failures.. you will find them to be relatively rare… how many thousands of Dyn 200’s have been produced since 2003 when they were introduced??

        so few failures.. yours being the most prominent…(on this board .. that I am aware of)
        I am not minimizing your loss.. I would be upset too.. but it is a relative rarity..

        My Dynasty 200DX(Blue Lightning) & 350DX Tigrunner … I bought new approx 2008 and they have performed flawlessly…

        And believe me... I thought long and hard before I invested in them… I had watched this board and others…(for a couple of years)... studied others experience and weighed whether all that extra cash outlay was worth my while..

        It was.. I would do it again.. The Miller Dynasty welders are the Finest TIG machines that I personally have ever used… And I have had the opportunity to own and use many different brands & types since I first started to learn TIG in 1968..

        Each of us decides how to spend our hard earned pennies…

        We will express our opinions and experiences… then the OP will decide what is the best decision for his circumstances…

        BTW... there has been enough evolution.. improvement change in the Dynasty 200DX during it's production life to warrant 29 versions of the manual and build style... this machine has been continually refined since introduction.....

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        The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

        “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

        Buy the best tools you can afford.. Learn to use them to the best of your ability.. and take care of them...

        My Blue Stuff:
        Dynasty 350DX Tigrunner
        Dynasty 200DX
        Millermatic 350P w/25ft Alumapro & 30A
        Millermatic 200

        TONS of Non-Blue Equip, plus CNC Mill, Lathes & a Plasmacam w/ PowerMax-1000


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          1 hr testing..

          I hear you 100% with the 1 hr testing cranked up, and electronic board failure expected then.
          i also here 'convince me' viewpoint as well. I'm NOT convinced!

          What I have noticed on the forums especially with the marketed ' heavy industrial' digital tig inverters is that the ones that have the knobs on the faceplate to adjust the welding menus and welding parameters are the ones that are quietly chugging along doing the job that they were designed to do with very few and minor repair complaints / issues (xmt 304 etc) while the same units or derivatives in the same family with the digital push button faceplate and same digital amp/ volt readouts are the ones that are failing at low amperages in use, usually in a home garage or hobbyist workshop, about 2000-3000 arc time hours out of 9999, error codes linking to which circuit boards are inoperative, and then being told by techs that parts are obsolete, buy a new one yada, yada, of this model yada, yada etc Windtunnel cooling yada yada for a heavy duty Industrial machine that is seeing light duty in a home garage. The experience is starting to sound like a repair trip with home appliance I.e. dryer, washer, fridge, stove, dishwasher yada, yada Not Good in my book for a 100% made in USA industrial welding machine.

          i saw about 10 years or so in a PVC / ceramic tile factory a White, shaped like a slotted bee hive( 2 ft high and diameter-no kidding), made in the USA, on small casters too, no ON light either, but one big
          ass on switch,
          welding machine with the plug in holes for the leads. (Just like my ol 35 millermatic) The owner of the factory saw me staring at it and came over. I asked him how old it was he smiled and replied maybe 1930-1920? It was heavy for its size and I asked if I could try welding with it. He smiled and said go ahead, it's the first welding unit they bought since the factory started. Well it went down to 20amps hole plug and the max amps was around 200 or so. Beautiful welding output smooth and totally quiet, no hum ,no fan, I actually put my ear to the round slats to hear the transformer, nada.
          he watched me weld on different settings and when I was finished I looked at him and asked him if he was interested in selling it.
          he looked at me with a smile and said Nope!

          and what brand was this jewel?


          thats the longevity , reliability and welding satisfaction I look for in a heavy duty industrial welding unit made in the USA.
          if what they want to sell you today lasts 5-6 years in a garage setting for a heavy industrial welding unit and is 'circuit board unrepairable or obsolete" and they only repeat the same old mantra buy an upgrade -it's out of warranty... then what you purchased was a glorified expensive Christmas tree. Or disposable welder- like a cell phone now.

          think I'll pay him a visit soon and ask him again, maybe I might get lucky ( his son is an engineer but has no interest in learning welding lol)
          if I get lucky, i'll buy a quart of rust oleum safety blue and alternately paint the slats blue/white with the casters Red, then smile as I start welding with a smooth silent reliable welding unit that will outlast me and my grandchildren.

          And NO I'm not selling my mm35 either
          I'll use up the rest of the rust oleum blue on the wrapper, the paint and the rubber trigger hose , and the front castors seem to be the major wear parts on that model
          Analog rules long after when digital keeps on biting the dust!


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            The round "R2-D2" welder with the "pagoda" top is from the Smith Welding Equipment Corp. I never could figure out if it was related to the A.O. Smith welders, some of which were round, or may have some relation to "Smith's Inventions" which later became Smith's or just Smith - which makes O/A equipment. I suspect it was an entirely different company.

            I do see an occasional one for sale. There's been one on the Washington D.C. Craigslist for about 6 months.
            Miller stuff:
            Dialarc 250 (1974)
            Syncrowave 250 (1992)
            Spot welder (Dayton badged)


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              Since My Local Welding supply sells Lincoln and I have never bought a Lincoln I was feeling guilty because I know Lincoln makes good stuff too.

              So when it came time to buy the 110 Inverter for doing restaurant stainless I tried the Lincoln and the sheet metal stuck and lifted with the tungsten so I found a Miller Dealer and tried the Miller STL-150 and it did not have the same problem so I bought it.
              I own 9 Miller welders and 1 miller Plazma.


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                Originally posted by kize View Post
                Ive found just the opposite. For every one positive post - there are 10 complaining. Very few spend time expressing their happiness with a product
                True. I guess I meant people will go to the extremes protecting their purchase if anyone says anything negative about it. Fair enough, but when everybody does so for every product, then all products must be perfect...which is not likely.


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                  Its been a while since I've been on here. For some reason I just started getting e-mail notices to replies on this thread.

                  Anyway, I ended up buying an Everlast PowerTIG 250EX after watching countless hours of Welding Tricks and Tips on YouTube. He uses one and also does comparisons. I also watched a lot of very well done Miller videos on YouTube.

                  I paid $1655 with a spare air-cooled torch (it comes with a water-cooled torch) and with the Miller discounted to just over $4000, that was hard to justify as a hobbyist and retired on less than half my working salary.