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  • Dynasty 200 DX questions

    This is the unit that Im thinking of getting. I saw Andy run some beads last year at the PRI show, and hopefully he will be there again this year.

    Couple of questions-

    Could you/would you hook up a water cooler to this unit?
    How does is weld steel, say, compared to a syncrowave?

    I know that the Aluminum welding portion of it is simply awesome, the only thing Im worried about is the steel part, Or should I be

    2500+ is a lot for a college kid to sink into anything, much less a TIG. Ill go the ramen noodle route for food Yep, I have a welder and eatin ramen

    Thanks for the input


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    You can run a water cooled torch if you want. However, it is not necessary. The 150 amp dry torch supplied with the Dynasty "contractor" kit is adequate for this machine. I have a Dynasy 200DX and have always run it dry-even with 100% He wide open!

    If you are thinking about running this machine at maximum amperage and duty cycle, then perhaps a water cooled torch may make your torch hand a little bit more comfortable, but you won't be hurting the machine. I would not use a cooling system on this machine. If you went to a Dynasty 300 series, then a cooler is a must have.

    The Dynasty does a great job with mild steel. I have welded .035 tube up to 3/16" plate with great results. How does it compare to the Syncrowave? I don't have much experience with the Syncro series. From what I recall the Dynasty has a smoother arc and takes a little less amperage to get the job done. Don't worry about the steel. It does a great job. You are right about the aluminum. It really shines!


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      Hi Louis.....I lived on flight rations(Sea Rations 1950-1954) for a long time once. Ramen noodle route..........Well let me ask you something............

      Could you get by with a less expensive unit.......... Say the Econotig... Finish school then work up into the Dynasty.........? Or actually maybe the Aerowave.....We are proud to have you in the Welding field and hope you continue to grow and expand.....

      I also remember how much books and tuition cost...........

      There is always an alternative route. No I'm not chaseing away your interest in our machines............ My .02 cents worth........

      Enjoy the site..................Rock..
      [email protected]


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        Thanks guys!

        I have a syncrowave 250 at home in the shop, along with an old school dialarc HF ( my Dads 1975 unit ) Both are water cooled. I have welded with an aircooled torch before, it was just big and bulky. Whats the Diameter, or size in relation to a water cooled SR-20?

        The thing about it is that I can put the Dynasty to work ( as well as the Econotig) and let it make the money for me. It is only fabrication, nothing big to me, but I cannot make that money without a TIG. I sat down and ran some numbers and the initial investment may be a grand-1500 more, twice that of an ET, but the return on my investment I feel will be greater.

        The materials I will be welding are steel-.035 4130- 1/4" stuff. Nothing thicker than that. As for aluminum, .040- 1/4" as well. Wing mounts for the Grand Am series, valve covers, water tanks, ect.

        I have never taken a class, so I dont know what certain things mean, but I know what they do. The dynasty has an adjustable Hz (?) the buzz of the machine goes wayyy up with aluminum when you crank it up. It focuses the arc, and you can really pinpoint where you want to run that bead. That is the 100% reason for me wanting the dynasty. If the ET has that too, and can handle my thickness requirements, were golden

        remember that I may go broke, or close to it on initial investment, but I can use it for an income source here at school.

        Books and tuition are paid for by my student loan so I should be OK.

        What do yall think?



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          well being a poor college student myself, I did bite the bullet and go with the 200DX. I did put it on my Credit card, thinking that I would pay it off over 4 months. Made my first payment last month of $900, and I keep getting offers from other card companies for cards that have no interest for the first year, then something like 8.5% after that. I'm considering getting one of those cards, and transfering the balance, that way I'll save the interest, and can stretch payments out a bit more if needed. Just a different way to go about funding your project. BUT I am extremely **** about money, and I hate to be in debt, I had nothing on my card prior to this, and the only thing I put on after my purchase is a foot pedel for temp control. If you can follow through with payments, and are resposible with your CC, maybe this method will help you out.


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            The 150 amp air cooled torch is compact, small, and easy to control. It is not the least bit bulky or cumbersome. I think its like a 17 series. The ET does not have the adjustable arc frequency (HZ) that you are raving about in the Dynasty. The Dynasty is a much more compact and portable unit. It runs on anything from 100-500 volts single or 3 phase : Performance is undercut at anything less than 200 volts. If you are pretty sure your ROI (return on investment) will pay your bills, then I would definitely get the Dynasty over the ET or even the Sync 180. There are just too many ++++ to the Dynasty if you can afford it. Also the ET or Sync 180 will be a pain to move around and set up. I have a TIG job to do this morning about 30 miles up the road. My mobile rig is in the shop for routine maintenance. No problem, I'm taking my Dynasty 200 DX and a 40 CF argon tank and using the "lift arc" mode at the job site. I'll be running from the customers 480 3 phase box. That's the only power he has available other than 120volts. Try that with an ET or Sync 180.

            Good luck and hope you get what you want.


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              well, it sounds like its the Dynasty!

              Maybe Andy has some used race team units F/S. Ill keep scouring Ebay too

              Thanks for the help guys!



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                LOUIS.............We do have one unit 200dx in reconditioned stock. It is "A" stock and comes with a 2 year guarantee. Contact your local Miller Distributor for priceing and availability..........

                Congratulations on your choice and decision.............Rock..
                [email protected]