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Just ordered my new Miller!! Woot Woot!!

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    The $45 is just the yearly lease on the bottle. Doesn't matter what size bottle, it's the same price. Then you just pay for the gas every time you swap it out. It would make sense though to have a back up like you say, but I sure wouldn't pay $45 each for two bottles every year. It's not a lot of money but it would quickly approach the cost of buying your own bottles and not paying the lease. There's another place in town that fills bottles I believe. I'll check and see what inspections they require and such.


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      Hydro test is 13 bucks and needed once every 10 years (before the next fill - you can let it go forever if you never need it refilled).

      My last 336cf tank was $280 full of Argon (buying the tank outright). Anyone pushing a "service plan" on my tanks promptly loses all my business. It's happened to two vendors so far.

      Rentals are for people who have short term needs. There's tanks still in service from WW2 - they don't just "wear out."
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