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  • Mig & Tig welders which one or ones

    Staring a hotrod shop and need some welders or a welder that will do what I need done. We weld exhaust, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, roll cages, frames, and brakets on the cars. Most work is on thin mild steel. Some work is done on aluminium, when making airboxes for engines or wings, etc. Want to know which Miller machine or machines would be the best for what I am doing at a desent price level.

    Thank you!

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    how thick of material are you welding? perhaps you need two machines. what kind of production time are you looking at. I know of a guy who builds alcohol funney cars, and he tig welds his frames, but others will mig weld them because it's faster, he's all about the best quality welds etc... and everyone who has crashed in one of his cars has walked away from it. As for myself, I have a dynasty DX tig machine that I am playing with, it's nice for aluminum, and various precision welding applications, but I also have an old century wire feed that I use just as much simply because it's faster.


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      1/16 to 1/2in stuff. Production is slow due to most work being done on personal cars. Once company gets on its way hope for increased work. Was thinking of the Millermatic 210 for shop due to it being easier to use and more knowlogable about mig. Never tig welded before. Only problem is if tig would be better I would rather spend the money one time and learn how to use it.


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        As far as the MM210 goes, I think for your needs it will do "almost"
        anything you might need it for. The thinner AL might be problem with the spoolgun attachment , but will handle the rest of your needs. I bought one about 2 years ago thinking I too would upgrade as business increased, businees got good and I'm still with the MM210 because I can't justify replacing it. Good luck with the new business!
        MACH 4 Welding
        Nokomis, Ill


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          The Millermatic 210 is the machine you are after for most of your work. The 1/16" aluminum will be a stretch for the spoolgun. However, it can be done with a rather fast and steady hand: .023 or .025 filler wire and some practice. If you are doing much thin aluminum, you may want to pass on the spoolgun and go for Dynasty 200 series machine for you tig work. If it is a budget consideration, then get the 210 and spoolgun package and hold off a while on the tig.

          Happy decision making


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            Hey thanks everybody. The mm210 is what I will get then.


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              HI ROB...........Congratulations and Welcome Aboard........... when do you pick your unit up.............If you haven't already take a look a the MM251 may also be of interest.........However either unit will suffice...............

              Enjoy the Site..................Rock..
              [email protected]


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                Hey thanks ROCK.... When I go to the dealer I'll go over the two models and decide then which one I want....