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Spectrum 2050 power light blinking

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  • Spectrum 2050 power light blinking

    When I turn on machine power and ready light come on. when I cut with it for a little while It stops cutting and the power light Is the only light on and it is blinking . I can do this for about three times, then when I reset it the power light and ready light come on , and without cutting the ready light goes off and the power light blinks . If I shut It off for a while, and then start cutting again It does the same sequence over again.

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    Sounds like Too much ir pressure, too much air pressure DOES NOT make the unit cut better, actually makes it either not cut at all, or shuts it down.


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      Mine is fussy on occasion, only way to fix it is to change tips.


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        The power light is blinking because either the buss voltage is too high or the main board thinks the buss voltage is too high. I would reccomend taking it to a service station and having it looked at.
        Tim Lux
        Service and Aplications Specialist
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co