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  • $8000.00 To Spend

    I have retired from the auto trans business and wish to set up a home shop business/ mobile welding business. I have a complete machine shop, 800 sq. feet of shop and the following welding machines: 250 Synchrowave/Millermatic 175/Miller Vintage/(2) good Plasma Cutters/Miller Trailblazer (45 Hrs) and all equipment is less than 6 years old, purchased new. I am weak in the Tig field and figure that is where the real money is. Being in business for 20 years the key is "keep your cost to a minimum"
    I know I am fortunate to have all this equipment. My question is this.
    What equipment do I still need and how will it "compliment" my existing equipment. CAN I MAKE A DECENT INCOME IN LOUISIANA WITH IT"

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    not sure if you are still looking for a Welding Rig, etc....... http:/


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      I live in East Tennessee and have found the "good money" to be in small mobile repair jobs: Repair of: dockboards, furniture carts, welding on ratchet strap assemblies to flatbed trucks, aluminum trailer repair with MIG process, carpet pole hanger repairs, pallet jacks, handtrucks, loadback rest on forklifts, etc. I just hit the medium to large hardware stores, shipping and receiving warehouses, etc. Most all of these places need welding repairs ; They just may not be aware of the advantages of welding repairs versus buying new equipment. Once you have establised customers, its fairly common to make $500-$700 per day 3 or 4 days a week with a day or two off for free time. This is decent money in East Tennessee.

      There is good money in TIG if you can find the right market. If you become proficient, restaurant work installing and replacing stainless panels can be a money maker if you're a fairly fast worker. I think mobile TIG is probably a loser in this market area. I have found most critical TIG is either done in house or shipped to large specialty facilites for fabrication and or repair.

      Are you doing any aluminum mig work? If not, consider a spool gun or one of the XR push-pull systems for aluminum mig work. Either will compliment your Trailblazer- It is a fine power source for CV mig.

      I think you once mentioned the Dynasty 200 DX for mobile TIG. This is a good choice and much easier to learn with than the Syncrowave series because of its inverter arc. It too will run off you Trailblazer.

      It sounds like you are fairly well established. I think I'd save the 8K until I knew I needed a particular piece of equipment for a job or series of jobs. This way you will know you are getting return on your investment.

      You might also try to find a fabrication "nitch" and make the item or items in you machine shop and deliver to your customers. What is the "nitch" in you area? I don't know. I have not found one here either except in the mobile repair business. I try to stay away from large fabrication jobs: They tie up a lot of time and money and the profit margin never seems to pan out the way I thought.

      Good Luck


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        Thanks Hawk

        Thanks Hawk
        Your input further confirms my thoughts. In any business I have been involved in, "Smaller is Better" and the small jobs were more proftable.

        Thanks Again