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  • Always check out used Machines

    I wanted to give a heads up to others who buy used equipment.I have bought a lot of used welding equipment for several years. I found a nice used Trailblazer 302,The machine was clean on the outside and showed no abuse.I started the machine and burned a couple of 7018.It preformed as expected. Once I got the machine home I decided to preform some general maintenance,oil change, plugs air filter ect. I then decided to remove the side covers and blow the machine out.I found 6 mud Dobber nest inside about the size of golf balls and a lot of dirt build up. Even thou it looked nice and clean on the outside always beware of hidden things on the inside.keeping the inside clean is a must to keep the machine from over heating and operating for many years.I like to keep my machines clean and yes I wax them. I was told by an old welder years ago, the shape of your equipment shows the customer you care and the job your about to preform for them is nothing short of the best.
    Happy New Year, keep the hood down.
    Trailblazer 250G
    Bobcat 225
    Miller 150 STL
    Lincoln SA-200
    Miller XMT 304
    Lincoln Squarewave 355
    Lincoln 140C
    Lincoln 170T
    Miller S-22A feeder
    Miller 30A Spoolgun
    Miller XR-15
    Lincoln LN-25's
    Hypetherm 380
    Trailblazer 302
    Spectrum 875
    Just to mention a few

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    I bought a used bobcat 250 (propane) and I was nervous. It was down in Louisiana and I live in Michigan, so I could not check it out myself. I had the place send me videos of it welding and powering a grinder. Did what you did and did some maintenance, I found more dirt inside it than I expected. But I found a bunch of spiders that I have never seen before. Did not know if they were poisonous (probably not), but I grabed some brake cleaner and sprayed them. Did not wat to chance getting bit