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Re-Purposing Oxy/Acetylene Cylinders

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  • Re-Purposing Oxy/Acetylene Cylinders

    Is it possible to recycle Oxy/Acetylene cylinders into pipe coupons for practice?

    I have two old tanks no one will refill. Either scrap-yard or re-purpose.

    I'm in pipe class this Spring. Would make great pipe coupons (I think).

    Also thought about using in metal art.

    Think a scrap yard would swap some pipe for them?

    Is there a safe way to re-purpose them other than scrap yard?

    Have zero interest in blowing myself up. :-)
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    Talking about oxygen cylinders here. They are chrome moly so coupons prob wouldn't work. I would buy them if cheap and spend 11 bucks to get them up to date and sell or use them. If they don't pass a test make gongs from them and sell them. Acetylene bottles i won't deal with just gave two huge ones away...Bob
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      Old oxy cylinders wouldn't likely be chrome-moly though newer ones might.

      I wouldn't hesitate to use them for pipe coupons because practice time is valuable and pipe isn't usually cheap. If you know anyone with a horizontal band saw that's a nice way to slice 'em. Last one I cut up I gave one end to the operator who made a bowling ball mortar (a common use) from it.


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        Re-Purposing Oxy/Acetylene Cylinders

        If your gonna cut it up I'm pretty sure you just gotta unscrew the valve to open it up. Don't just cut into it


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          Use them for bollards outside shop doors,etc,