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    Has any one attempted to use the Big Blue Air Pac to weld Sch-40 8" hot rolled pipe using both 6011 and 7018, and had it x-rayed? And of course passed!!!! It is the only welding machine available for us and "inquiry minds want know"

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    I have not used this machine, but how could you go wrong? The Trailblazer will do what you are asking and the Air Pack is twice the machine and more. You definitely have the advantage of a large 4 pole 3 phase generator for weld ouptut with adaptive hot start for those bad days with a 6010. I believe the newer machines also have arc drive: a pipe welder's dream. I have passed many radiographic tests up and downhill on 6G pipe with my Trailblazer, I feel sure you would have the best of the best in the Big Blue Air Pack! One of the local dealers here has sold 2 this year-they go for the mid twenties and don't even have a steering wheel. Nice machine. I wish I could justify owning one.

    JUST CURIOUS: Why the 6011 on hot roll sched 40? Most of the procedures I recall dealt with the 6010/7018 or the 6010 all the way: root, hot, and cap.


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      Thanks Hawk, I have been told that Arc Drive works well, when your cranked way up. That's fine to start! I personally have not used this new Miller technology, so I asked. The "other guys" use basically the same theory, so theoretically it should work. I guess By the way I know were that unit can be had for around 17,200 (delux..), still pricey. Our justification was the fact we do under water welding, and need the amps for cutting..

      The contractor purchased a truckload of 6011 and their supplying consumables. That is a correct statment, most pipelines I've worked on in Texas run 6010, down hill. These jobs believe or not are uphill!

      I just does what I'm told!!


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        Good luck with your purchase. If I ever have the need, I'll give you a holler (17,200) is a great deal from what I'm used to seing. Most of the contractor work here in East Tennessee is all uphill 6010. There's another strange animal. It's mostly methane gas line and the procedure was written 50 years ago before the 7018 was wide spread. Like you said " The contractor says do and I do".

        I don't do any underwater work mainly because I never could get past 12' with my sinus problems. Send me some pictures please. Email: [email protected]


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          RAPRIL.........I would like to see some pictures also if you have the time.........You can list pictures here if you want......................thanks...........Rock..
          [email protected]