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  • Welder certification

    What does passing the v groove plate test with backing qualify you for? If you pass it in all positions can you go weld on structural steel?

    I haven't really been able to get an answer.

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    Welder certification

    depends if your wanting d1.1 or d1.3. I'm d1.1 cert and I can't weld on anything less than a 1/8 inch 1.3 is basically sheet metal I'm told. As far as test it cost 200$ all I did was a 3G and 4g. 1/2 inch plate test. no power tools allowed for cleaning.


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      Smaw I suppose.
      3/8" plate test certifies you for 3/4" max structural.
      3/4" plate test certifies you for unlimited thickness structural.

      Then you have positions.
      What you want to get is vertical up
      & overhead to cover. All.

      Have a grinder handy some inspectors let you use them.

      Use a coarse sanding pad or flapper wheel to prep plates and backing plate where your welding. (Before tacking together)

      Get comfortable relax and take your time.

      Your also only getting your test plates checked twice.

      Once after your root pass. For penetration and no undercut. If you pass this inspection you can keep going if not. Youll. Have to test all over again at a later date.

      Second after completing your cover pass. Also make sure to have no undercut.
      Good luck
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        I hold an all position SMAW structural ticket with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). CSA standard W47.1 class S
        This was done on 3/8" plate and qualifies me for 3mm-unlimited thickness carbon steel.
        The first time you do this test, you do all 4 positions. 2 years later to renew the ticket you do one plate. Vertical up root on the square side then over head for the rest of the plate.
        You can use a wire wheel but no grinder. All 1/8 7018 rod.
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