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  • Miller Big 20 Remote

    I recently purchased a miller big 20. I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating a remote for it. I have a part number directly from the sales flyer it reads like this.
    "Remote Amperage Control Facilities RCGD-20A stock # 005 779 includes receptacle and leads. Requires RHC-3-GD9A."
    The RHC-3-GD9A stock #005 777 is described as Remote Hand Control including 20ft lead wire.
    Any help in locating these parts or information from individuals who may have wired their big 20 for a remote would be very helpful. Thanks in advance to those who reply!

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    Check your thread over on WW.
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    *Homemade Suitcase Wire Feeder
    *WC-1S & Spoolmatic 1
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      Mfunk, I had the misfortune of wiring six big 20's up for home made remotes back in the mid 80's. I ordered the remote that was in the panel and mounted them in a pvc coupling with a knob for adjustment. Put a 3-way toggle on the panel to either run "panel" or "remote". One little problem was when ran on a 100' extension cord the machine would put out about 15 amps less when in remote. It caused a problem welding 3/16 6010 in 3rd gear {think it was 3rd** wasn't quite enough amps.
      The Big 20 is a poor choice for downhill welding. The arc force is very weak. When running root beads if the gaps gets a little tight the arc will stick when a little pressure is applied. Up the amps to get through and internal under cut occurs.
      One thing for sure if you master the Big 20 on DH pipe you will be a very good welder when you switch to a more suitable type machine. Good luck- Ted