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AR500 welding and bending

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  • AR500 welding and bending

    For those who know more about this than me (pretty much everyone), I'm about to do some welding on a 3/8" AR500 plate. I'm not experienced welding hardened plate, would everyone recommend some preheat on this? I'll probably mig it up with my 252. I'm welding directly to about a 5/16" mild steel plate. The AR will serve as a wear plate and will drag the ground.
    Also, does anyone know if the AR500 can be bent if I can find someone with a large enough press break? It would help in this application if the front edge had a lip bent on it at about a 30 degree angle. Thanks,


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    it can be bent at longer radius than mild steel .

    you will find useful info there.


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      AR500 welding and bending

      500 is no prob to be bent. It will require a large press but the shop I used to be in did it all the time. As far as welding goes I don't think preheat would hurt but as previously posted check the charts
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        Thanks for the info guys, those charts help. A local shop here has a huge press but they were concerned the steel might break instead of bend. I didn't think that was the case but knew you guys would know how it would react. Thanks again.