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    I have a lot of experience with innershield as far as 232 and 233 but im looking for tips on coreshield 8. I need to get tips for overhead and verticle. the vert is only half in and the overhead is one inch. both are groove welds. any help would be appreciated.

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    They are all T-8 wires. If you can run 232, you should have no problem running Coreshield 8. Coreshield 8 runs more similar to 233 than 232, both 233 and Coreshield 8 are much more user-friendly than 232.

    You should go to the ESAB website and download the wire speed, voltage, amperage, etc. parameters, and then practice. Like all T-8 wires, it is voltage-sensitive and also stickout is critical.
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      coreshield 8

      Core 8 runs great really shouldn't be any different if you have ran 232
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