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Miller xmt 304 errors

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  • Miller xmt 304 errors

    I'm in the military and just turned over with a previous construction battalion we have an xmt 304 miller welder. When I turn it on an error pops up saying that the input voltage is too high, or an error will pop up saying the input voltage is too low. If I shut it off and turn it on again it will let me weld for about 30 seconds then the error is back. Just trying to trouble shoot to see if it is fixable.

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    Your going to need 1 or 2 20K ohm resitors, a ohm meter, one of those small hand torches and some electrical ssolder

    ohmite part# L25J20KE

    One or both of your capacitor drain resistors has poofed. They are on the right side of the machines output board. You'll have to pull the board, measure across the capacitor holes to figure out which one has failed and replace one or both with the hand torch. Also with the diode function on your meter check the 2 small protection diodes lower and to the right of the 3 igbt holes.