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Looking for help before buying a owner tank

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  • Looking for help before buying a owner tank

    I found a local guy that has a tank for sale.. and I have read a few other sites about identifying owner tank to rental tanks..

    I kinda get the no name on neck is one indication its owner tank and something about companies that were bought out and no longer in business may have the name stamped on the next BUT may still be legally owner bottles..

    So before I purchase this tank, can anyone tell me if the numbers stamped on the tank indicate otherwise?

    Here are pics of the stamps visible on the tank, what do they mean and is it ok to buy..(keeping in mind that there is no name or writing of any sort on the neck)

    thank you

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    The top picture is the Hydro test date Mar 2005 with a + and Star. I believe that means it is within test date (2005, 10 year test) until Mar 2015.

    The neck ring will be higher, around the valve. You do not have that in the picture. You said there is no name there, so chances are you can exchange it easily.

    You did not state where you live or the size of the bottle, and it seems to vary widely from area to area and LWS to LWS, but generally I have found 125 cf and smaller are generally considered Customer Owned and can be pretty much exchanged regardless of the neckring. Larger bottles are generally considered Leased Bottles. Even if it is larger, you probably can exchange with the LWS on the neckring if you buy it.

    Also, sometimes you can exchange an Oxygen or Helium bottle for Argon or C25, but not always. And you may have a few different LWS in your area, so try them all. Gas prices vary widely too, by the way.

    Best advice I can give you is to take the bottle or all the information (picture will help) to the LWS and ask them if they will exchange. That's a heavy and expensive paperweight if they will not.

    I will say, I have bought, sold, and exchanged many bottles. Some I had to only take to one LWS or the other. Currently have 7 bottles and 2 only go to Airgas, 2 to Nexair, 2 could go anywhere (no neckring) and 1 I haven't tried yet.

    You know you will exchange and bring home a different bottle unless you take yours and wait 2-3 weeks for it to be filled and returned. So likely the new bottle will have their neckring on it.
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      Here is a video that might help.


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        Determine the bottle size and content. No name would be a owner tank. Call local suppliers for their requirements , policies, and charges. One supplier in my area will exchange tank for tank but charge to repaint it their colors. Another will only do like for like. It's all about each supplier. Their fill prices vary too.
        There maybe a member in your location that could guide you to a supplier.
        Here's a chart that may help in sizing.

        Here's another site you may enjoy.


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          thank you all for the info, suggestions and links..

          The measurements of the tank are as follows:
          Circumference = 29.5in
          Height(to the neck) = 54.5in
          Height(to top of cap) = 60.5in

          I used different online calculator trying to figure out the volume, but the results don't come close to any of the guides provided and found for the sizes.

          Ill try(time permitting) to get full size pics from the guy if he still has it and post


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            Looks like a size 49 from Air Liquide. A cross reference and the specs are here: ---Meltedmetal


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              You can always ask the owner if he would return your money if you can't get it filled. Doesn't hurt to ask.

              It sounds like a 300-330 cu ft. bottle. Was it argon or argon/co2 mix? In NJ you can no longer buy these. The largest that I have found for sale by a LWS in my area is a 125cu & some are now only selling 80cu while renting the larger sizes.
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                Your safest bet it to ask the welding supplier that you plan to deal with and let them know the dates and name on the neck ring.

                It varies from area to area.