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  • portable tig welder

    I've been doing some research in regards to portable tig machines, any make or model, esab, Lincoln, thermal arc, fronius etc... And it seems that the miller maxstar 150 sth is what I'm leaning towards.

    I like its mobility, and versatility being able to use both 110 and 220 power sources.

    Just want to know if anyone has experience with these, or owns one. And if I could get your opinion on it, pro's / con's. anything you can say about it!

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    I spied a Miller Maxstar 150 in my local pawn shop for $675. I didn't look in the big black Miller bag to se what was all included but I am going to go back and have a look...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I've used the maxstar 150 since it replaced the 140. We use it for tig welding pipe and stick welding equipment in an industrial environment. I love these little machines. All my mechanics carry one in their toolboxes