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A few questions about the Bobcat...

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  • A few questions about the Bobcat...

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Bobcat 225.
    I'll be stick welding and TIG welding steel and aluminum(up to 1/2")
    Is this a suitable rig for welding this size aluminum?
    What is the apporximate cost of this rig?
    I was quoted just under $3400 for the Trailblazer and was hoping to find a cheaper alternative.
    I guess i'll need a cooling system as well what does one cost for this setup?

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    that's perfect for what u need,i was thinking about buying me another engine drive after i just bought me a trailblazer pipe pro,i just added a module for tig and a bottle and accesories and it's ready to go,works great for 6010 and 7018 rods and i find it good looking on the back of my dodge,thanks miller,i might buy me a du-op for my brother weldor who helps out!...keep up coming the way i added a 12 foot extension to my truck and i have a vise and oxy acetylene for gas welding and torch cutting.i have a lotta other junk too on it...
    whoomp there it is


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      I saw a Bobcat 225 on somebody's website the other day for betweer $2600 and $2700. They used to run them on sale for $2450 not too long ago. Very reliable and good-welding machine. They do not come with any cables, however.


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        BIRCHUM.............Well sir have you made up your mind yet........ I always like to know what you got and why..........Just curious....
        Rock.. [email protected]


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          Trailblazers the way to go if you are Tigging Alum. The Bobcat doesn't have a contactor or remote which makes it a pain in the *** cause the output is hot all the time and you can't control amperage remotely.