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    What is the difference between the 375 and 375 extreme plasma?

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    I would go with the extreme , smaller case, more portable,same overall power , but it looks like the extreme has faster cut speed on 3/8 steel...dont know how thats possible?
    The standard 375s case seems to be more exposed to debris and really archaic as far as case design . The main difference is price.


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      The extreme is a few dollars more and more portable, also on 3/8 plate it shows that it is 4ipm faster. The case on the spectrum is archaic in comparison,it seems like it is more vulnerable to debris.


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        Price, it showed that the extreme can cut 4ipm faster on 3/8" plate.
        They are both good machines, but the extreme is more portable and the case design is less prone to inhaling debris


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          Although the 375 I'd dual voltage you have to manually change the plug and flip the incoming voltage selector switch .

          The Extreme is an MVP with Autoline: the power cord comes with the 120v and 240v plugs that you just switch out when needed and the Autoline detects whichever voltage yer on.

          Not positive but I think the 375 is a transformer based plasma and the Xtreme is an inverter based power source.
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            Biggest difference is in the performance when operating on 110. The 375 would continually trip a 20 amp breaker, even on very low settings where it should have been able to operate. The 375X has fixed that problem. Overall, it's a better machine.


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              375 vs 375x

              Had a Hobart 400 airforce and upgraded to Miller 375, same exact machine just different color. Use on mobile repair truck so upgraded to 375 xtreme with ICE27 torch. Both machines work very similar, always better on 230v but very impressive. Inverter style seems fragile compared to old transformer style, hopefully will never drop it to test durability.


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                The 375X-TREME has 30 amps max out put while the 375 has 27 amps this is why you get faster rated cut on 3\8ths on the X-TREME. all of the other avvantages listed above are true as well.
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