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Remote for Big 40 (1988)

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  • Remote for Big 40 (1988)

    Have new to me Big 40 diesel. With CV-2 Contactor.
    Ser. # JJ404151 welder
    Ser. # JJ403359 cv-2
    Which wired Remote amp. Control works on this unit?
    Also will my 30-amp Spool gun work?
    ** They said it had a sticking or bad injector, fuel may be 10 years old? Doesn't smell good. I plan to drain complete system, new fuel with injector cleaner before start & go from there. May just be fuel problem?
    Also need new battery any suggestions or nothing special? Small diesel.
    Thx Greg

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    A CC/CV unit will have a 14 pin amphenol for plugging in your WC-24,spoolgun , and a small quarter size 2wt 1K ohm remote. The CC only unit will not have the Amphenol, and nope no 24 VAC to run your WC-24, and will use a quite large 300 wt 34 ohm rheostat for the remote


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      dirty injector

      I suggest changing fuel filters and fuel, run unit with some diesel 911. I doubt the injector will clear up. New diesel fuel is a very good solvent! I would run the unit, get it to smoke, crack the injector lines at the injector, figure out which cylinder is smoking, pull the injector and replace. Also change the coolant and therostat if it is liquid cooled.
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        Remote for Big 40 (1988)

        Thx guys. 1st Big 40 I've owned. Thought this was easier than bunch of research reading.
        Cruizer; this one has a 14-pin and a 5-pin both.
        Do u know the model # for a simple small remote for some pipe welding I'm doing.
        Thx again.


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          Not sure why it would have a optional contactor and a 14 pin, let alone a 5 pin as well. Shouldn't have a 5 pin, and the contactor circuit should be built in. Maybe take a picture and post it. What model of engine does it have?


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            I down loaded owners manual for cv-2 and all looks as per pictures listed. Talks about remote but I'm not sure if plug & play and which model to get?
            Here are some pictures of the welder.
            Thx for your time & help.
            Thx Greg
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              Remote for Big 40 (1988)

              Contenal 3-cyl Diesel
              Ser. # 88053709


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                Yep just never saw that optional CV-2 on anything. So you have the 24Vac for the WC-24 controller to the spool 30a. And it'll use the small potentiometer controlled remote.


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                  Remote for Big 40 (1988)

                  Thought so. Just wasn't sure myself.
                  Thank you for ur time & consideration.