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    Has anyone ordered from this website ? they have cheap prices, and free shipping!!!

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    Haven't personally, but I've heard good things about their service. I have also heard a lot about BR Welders.


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      Cope , that looks like a good website . I see some ordering in my future.. Thanks


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        They are good people to deal with!


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          I ordered my Dynasty from there, only thing I wish I would have known was to get the foot control instead of the rotory thumb control... Seriously, does anyone use a rotory control??? A sliding control I can see working well, but with welding gloves it's hard to do... oh well, gotta save another $165 for the foot control. BUT I did get great service from cyberweld, and it was my mistake for not selecting the correct control. I would recomend them (cyberweld) for sure.


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            rotary control

            Newbie mat, All I use is a rotary control. It has been so long since I used a foot control,I think a rotary is so much easier. Great for those tight spots and easier to control the heat. Thanks for the reply..


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              I bought my HH175 from cyberweld, excellent price and service.

              - jack


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                I also primarily use the rotary finger control. I do chassis work on drag cars and I have had MANY times that a foot control would have sucked. I think that a foot control is only easier when you are bench welding, but I do have and use both, but I would only say that 10% of what I do is with a foot control if that.


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                  My salesman suggested I go with the north-south rotary, as opposed to the east-west, also mounting it so that up is increasing (amps). That way you don't have to think as much about the control. The real secret was a pair of properly fitting, thin tig gloves. The control was then no problem. Hope the info is of some help.


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                    I have purchased both a Plasma Cutter cutemate 375 and Hobart 175 and Miller Dynasty 200 DX with contractor kit.

                    Prices are the best and ground shipping is always free. They are only one state away from me but when I place an order its here the next day. CyberWeld knows the products they sell well above most resellers. The Miller Dynasty 200 DX was not easy to get due to the high demand but cyberweld took care of me. I highly recommended them. Before anybody askes no I do not work for them, they work for me the consumer.

                    Miller Dynasty 200DX
                    MillerMatic 175
                    Miller Spectrum 375
                    Broco PrimeCut PC/OTC-20