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Grounding Bobcat

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  • Grounding Bobcat

    I need to run a MM200 and a MM211 from time to time off the Bobcat225NT. Are there any special precautions on grounding the two units I need to consider?

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    nope, though it would be WAY easier just to run an X-treme VS feeder. Wayyy more handier!


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      Thanks for the reply. I have a small hill farm for deer and turkey hunting and the shop is off the grid so I depend on the Bobcat. Last weekend I brought the Millermatic Vintage up and it ran fine off the Bobcat, building fence braces. I have been looking at an 8VS that I can get for a good price, will it run solid wire with gas on 14ga and up say to 3/8 in short arc fine? The vintage is not designed to lug around. Or would I be more pleased with something like a 211? Most of what I will be doing will be inside 14ga to 1/4 square tubing, angle iron, plate. Nothing bigger and seldom flux core. Hard to make the choice without experience.