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  • What about these??

    You all have given me very detailed, honest and balanced answers to my questions so why not head to the well one more time. What can you guys tell me about Craftsman welders (mig 200 or 250)? Are they junk or are they rebadged machines from a good manufacturer? Please keep in mind that any machine I end up with will be for light auto, home and playing. As I mentioned in a previous post I also plan on taking classes so the machine needs a little punch.

    Thanks guys....

    MM210 w/3035
    Next up - Sync 200

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    At one time the Hobart Ironman 210 and Ironman 250 were manufactured for brand account models for Sears under the Craftsman name. These may be the models you had seen or they could be made from a different manufacturer.



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      Century hass also made machines for Sears. Unless its a real bargain I would shy awqay from them because of Sears' recent penchant for dropping replacement parts too soon. In my expeience, if sears sells it, its available elsewhere cheaper.


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        My first welder was a youself some aggravation...and disapointment...not to mention money...and buy a Miller. I would go with a 210..or 251..."NOBODY" complains their welder is too big.


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          Jorge, I'm also a neophyte. I have a mig, and old "Westinghouse"(about 600 Amps) stick welder, but after searching and reading, i decided that if I wanted to play with diff. metals, I needed something better. For the money and what I want, my 180SD is a beauty. I hope it lasts until I die.
          BTW, if anyone has info on those old Westinghouse welders, I would like to find out how old it is. The plate with all the specs doesn't have a date. Thanks,