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millermatic 252 RUN function??? what is it good for?

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  • millermatic 252 RUN function??? what is it good for?

    normally 20volts works good with 1/4 " carbon but change the RUN setting and it can run too hot or too cold. ( hold trigger when turning on this machine,then let go. you will see what i mean!) Functions might be there to help but every time there is a new function i come acrossed i am confussed. mig machines without this can run a open root with 18 volts downhill!

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    My MM252 at work changes V and wire speeds on its own. Can run all day then something doesn't seem right and then yup it changed. Somedays its real hot and other days its cold...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Are you talking about run in speed? My 251 has that. It adjust how long after you pull the trigger that the wire starts feeding. I think I have mine set around 80% if I remember right. PO had it are around 60% just personal preference.
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