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  • MM211 Weld pics

    Hey all new to the forum but long time viewer just now decided to make an account and post of some MM211 pics which i find to be a great welder

    3/8 plates
    75/25 mix @ 20-25
    Settings are hot but and differ but NOT book spec'd for 3/8

    Here is some flats from right to left with 3 different restarts i went with 3 different sizes

    Here is an overhead i pulled on the right one and the left one i pushed

    This is after i got it dialed in pretty good but still needed work and don't ask me about the gas i tried everything i knew of to get rid of it but nothing worked

    The actual welder

    I had a few more pics but it limits me to 4 but overall I'm satisfied with the purchase the gun although it seems kind of cheap and small as compared to the guns I've used from 251/252s/XMT304/CP302s but it had a slightly better feel to it probably because its smaller but i don't like the tip setup vs the obvious higher end stuff. Auto-set worked okay but i wouldn't personally use it and i haven't tried the 110 because i have no real use for it currently. Ground clamp and cable size could be better but it worked although i changed it out for a better clamp and thicker cable.

    Other than that stuff i really do like the welder i believe though it can weld much higher than advertised although with obvious multi passes because with it cranked all the way up would eat through 3/8 like no other so i would like to get some 1in material and see how it does.

    Also hopefully i can post pics like this if not let me know i also tried resizing them down to below 800X600 but i might've missed some

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    Very nice work. I love mine as well and i never go by the factory specs either. I tune it to its sweet spots while running it. Looking good!


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      Nice, I like the 211 too. Still getting use to setting it. I bought some Lincoln L 56
      .030 and really like it. It was mentioned here and on Weldingweb as a good wire and size for the 211.


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        I use a 211 at work and a HH210mvp at home and i love them both. I have not tried using the auto set at work but i hear its not that great. You have some really good skill and it shows in your beads consistency which is exactly the problem i have. Looks great......
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