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  • Erratic arc

    I own a Miller Econotig, and I'm trying to weld 1/8 aluminum square tubing.
    I believe all my settings are correct. 3/32 tungsten, 75/25 on my gas, pure tungsten (green), material is clean, A/C, ball on end of tungsten, and grounded directly to material.
    I got machine, used, approximately 3 years ago. Seems to weld fine on aluminum for a few minutes, making 4-5, 1 inch long welds, then go to do another within seconds and arc won't establish itself. Very erratic and jumps all over material and ends up contaminating the joint. Some days fine, others days erratic again. I had machine recently serviced and was told it was my foot pedal, $50 service charge and $229 pedal and still doesn't work right. I'm at a loss. Any ideas appreciated Thanks