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    HELP!! A little background first,I work in a large corn processing plant as a welder/fitter and do most of my pipe welding on SS using the tig process. Question concerns using tig on AL,I'm used to "walking the cup" on the SS pipe, but I recently picked up a Lin. Squrewave 175 so I could do some AL tig at home. I can't seem to get it "right" as far as the bead appearance.I should mention that on field welds at the "plant" I do sometimes do freehand tig. What do I need to do to get the AL tig to "look" as good as my SS tig beads???

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    I worked in pontoon boat shop,and AL. tig welding was all I did . If you can raise the torch just above the base metal and try not to walk the cup or drag the cup .When I first learned how ,it was pretty hard .I haven't done any S.S. since 1994 . If you push the torch just like gas cutting, you should get a pretty nice weld . How thick is the metal you are welding? Do you use a foot pedal or a finger switch? I found it easier to control the temp. with a finger switch. Hope this helps..


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      I have a foot control, but just got a finger-tip control off e-bay.
      I think my problem is "reading" the weld puddle of the AL vs. what I'm used to with the SS. I should add that I also have a MM210 w/3035 spoolgun,so I am able to weld AL but wanted to "expand my potential" so to speak. Material thickness will range up to 3/16 or so. Thanks for the reply!!
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        I have not used a mm210 , we use the xmt 304 inverter ,works real well with the thin stuff . For the 3/16 and thicker I used a regency 250 with a 30 amp spoolamatic. It takes a little money to get the right welder .But when you see the finished product, it's worth it...


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          Walking the cup

          What does this refer to in tigwelding?


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            walking the cup

            I've never done it , but I think it means to rest the cup on the base metal while welding. I guess it's supposed to keep the torch steady. My boss tried to get me to tig that way when i first started. Everybody has their own way and I could never walk the cup , I found it easier to to hold the torch just above the base metal and haven't had any complaints ..