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Hello Folks! New to the site here...

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  • Hello Folks! New to the site here...

    Hello fellows! I'm new to the site. Hoping to make some good acquaintances/friends, and learn some things. I'm a hobbyist welder, and have done some welding in previous jobs, but now i'm a desk jockey, so no more welding on the job. Just bought an older (mid 80s) Miller DialArc HF. Looking forward to getting it set up so i can start playing.

    Anybody know who the best (in terms of service and price) source is for argon in Southeast Houston? I'm in ****inson, and will need to pick up an argon bottle for my new-to-me toy.

    Once again, howdy to all!

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    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Welcome to the site. Tons of great info here. What kind of projects do you plan to tackle once you get your new machine running?


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        Hello Folks! New to the site here...



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          Welcome to the forum McDaniel.
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            Welcome Aboard....

            If you have not already done so.. here is a link to download the manual for your Dialarc HF.... remember to plug in your unit serial number to get the correct version of the manual that pertains to the build style machine you have


            it is a Free PDF download..and should answer most of your basic setup and ops questions...
            to help you get started....

            Do not know your level of expertise... but there are a lot of resources to draw upon in the TIG skills resource section that you might find useful and entertaining...

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              To answer a few questions...

              My welding experience is really all "seat of the pants" learning. I worked in maintenance in two diff plants, and 1 wind farm, over the course of about 10 years. I've done general light duty fabrication of mild steel using stick and mig, and did quite a bit of welding on stainless steel sheet metal using a little Maxstar 150 in a seafood processing plant.

              I'm planning on doing repairs/mods, etc on boat trailer, boat hardware, automotive, odds and ends, etc.

              I'm an electrical guy by trade. School trained as an electrician, and after 10 years of field work, i've finished school and now work as an electrical engineer. I really enjoy tinkering with welding/metal work though.

              I'm needing to source an argon bottle in Southeast Houston. If anyone would point me in a good direction, i would appreciate it. Thanks to all.


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                Welcome to the forums