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  • RMD Single Pass Sch10 Downhill

    OK I currently work for a pipe fabrication shop near St Louis Mo. We build a lot of different pipe skids and can line blueprinted plans. Our new seller is the RMD process on Sch 10 stainless Steel pipe of all sizes and multiple fittings. We have numerous Pandjiris pipe turners and multiple Miller Pipeworx 400 welding machines which have capabilities of RMD Process. the trouble we are having with the process is lack of fusion, bevel wall inside/outside, and the caps are completely burnt up! we are use 308LSI wire with 98%2% shielding gas and also a pure argon backing purge. If anyone out there has any experience with this process please contact me and lets put few things together and see if it helps us out! Thanks Milk-Man

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    Thats a funny gas to use, how come your not using a trimix, Only reason I can come up with using 98/2 would be that the stainless is austenitic. Still its VERY uncommon to use.


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      I have done hundreds of that type of weld with a tri mix gas. Usually a 7% helium mix. Argon back purge. Never had an RT fail. If the gas change isn't allowed by your WPS then up the peak amps on the RMD. I have also had much better results putting the voltage sense lead on the opposite side of the arc than the ground is located. This RMD tech. is incredible. Just wish they would put an .052 program in like Lincoln's STT.
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        Just tell Lincoln you want a 052 program, they will email it to you, you or a tech can stick it in the software programming.