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    I need help on stick welding with a jet rod

    I have a Trailblazer 302 and a bobcat 225 what size rod can I use , will be welding on a 1 1/2" A 36 plate

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    id use the 302 over the 225

    Your machines will run the 7024, personally id use the 302 , how big of welds do you have to put down, are they groves or fillets? If you want you could run 3/16 rods but thats pounding hard. Depends on how big of welds and how long the welds have to be. Running high amps with them rods you also want to make sure your set up with good cables or you might nuke them if pushing the duty cycle limits. There is a nice stick weld parameter calculator under the resources tab on the main miller page. it gives nice ball park settings. The 3/16 7024 is recommended between 230 to 305 amps. For thick plate like your doing you could research running fluxcored as it would probably be a lot faster.
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