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7018 5/32 the right one for this job?

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  • 7018 5/32 the right one for this job?

    I have to repair a loader bucket. We will weld 1/2" mild steel to the hard steel bucket which I think is also about 1/2" (not there right now). I am using a 7018 rod. Would 5/32 rod be the best size? How many amps?

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    7018 will work fine.

    5/32 rods are good, but depends on how much welding you have to do. You may want to run larger rods and higher horsepower machine if you are really pouring down the weld metal. If you have to weld Abrasion Resistant Plate you should be careful of preheat, interpass temperature and how fast you let it cool. If you are welding a new lip or wear pads/ shoes on the bucket you have to be very attentive to your temperatures.How big of a bucket are you repairing? Stick will work , but the flux cored would be a lot faster. Guess it depends if you have the gear and if you have to do it in the field or not. Hope this helps.
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      Originally posted by sturugged View Post
      How big of a bucket are you repairing?
      It is 9' wide. I think it is 3 or 4 cubic yards. There is an 8" crack where the bottom of the coupler attaches. We are going to weld a 1/2" x 5" x 24" plate over the crack on the inside of the bucket. Actually there is a crack on each side at the same place so we are doing this twice.


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        Welder er up. Not every bead needs to be as heavy as the plate especially around patches. As the previous poster mentioned there may thing a guy can do, should do but it isn't always a perfect world. As he said, good rule to live by is warm if up if its cold and some things can get too hot (probably not a problem here) and that's about all I know about it except rods often are not stored proper so I am a big one fat pass welder one I can be, relocate some stress like you can with patch.

        For this one off repair would be looking at doing just what you are.

        An advantage I can see with a wire process would also be so much easier to store the electrode. If I am doing real multi pass hi stress work simply pop the top on a new can of rod after I am fit. Having said that seen most of it work, as a stand alone repair could and would ha,,, be done with a buzz box.