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Welder cable/breaker selection

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  • Welder cable/breaker selection

    Evening all,

    After searching here in the forums and not finding exactly what I was hoping for or at least not like my setup, I was hoping for some guidance for hooking up my autoset 211 for 220 service. I do have the MVP plug setup.

    What it is I am trying to do is run my Autoset 211 from a distance of no more than 100ft from the breaker panel. I need some help on choosing the correct type and gauge of cable for my 211. I need to be obviously safe to me, the house, and of course the welder. Any information on a particular type of termination at the end of my cable at the welder end would be great as well. Also, what about a gauge of extension cord for the 110 operation? Again, no more than 100 ft from the breaker panel.

    Thank you all for your help.


    Thank you for your help and time.

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    Welder cable/breaker selection

    Are you looking for an extension cord that you can easily move around or are you running wire to a mounted plug?


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      You will find all of that in the back of the operators manual...

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        Cable selection

        Originally posted by @cvmechanical View Post
        Are you looking for an extension cord that you can easily move around or are you running wire to a mounted plug?
        Thank you for the reply. I will be needing to make an extension cord between a mounted 220 plug that is 25ft away from the breaker box and no more than 75ft from the mounted plug.



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          Welder cable/breaker selection

          Princess Auto has welding extension cords rated to 50 amps (I think) in 25' and 50' lengths at a decent price. I use them for my smaller machines and they are good. And saves time and gas running around picking up wire and ends.