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Welding respirators

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  • Welding respirators

    Is there a special respirator that welders use ? The reason I ask is I had to cut down a pretty good sized galvanized fence the other day with a torch it was pretty rough.

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    Burning galvanized and breathing the fumes can give you Zinc Poisoning...

    which can be bad news... so a respirator or PAPR is a great idea..

    Here is more info..

    PAPR & Respirators
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      Welding respirators

      Just a p100 filter. It's just a normal filter with charcoal


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        Welding respirators

        You should also be fit tested for any respirator that you use.

        There are 2 test


        One involves a plastic hood over your head while wearing said respirator and having someone spray in an atomized scent.
        If you cannot smell and taste the solution then you have a proper fit

        The other involves a negative pressure test machine (about 10K) that hooks directly to the respirator.

        Both tests are good but obviously the machine test is better.


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          Thanks for the advice I paint a lot so I have regular respirators but didn't know if they would work besides getting sparks and fire on them so that wouldn't be good. I'll check out at the welding supply.
          A lot of the fence was 1 inch solid square so it took awhile with a number three tip. Even outside I felt pretty bad that night.


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            3M brand respirators are great , and relatively cheap.

            I use the 3M 7500 half masks with the 2097 pancake pink filter, works awesome and fits under most welding helmets. The filter has charcoal in it so it will filter metal fumes.
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