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Needle scaler for chipping slag.

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  • Needle scaler for chipping slag.

    I just bought and used my first needle scaller after 25 years of business.

    All I can say is wow I have been missing out.

    I should have had one years ago, It gets into places that only a sand blaster can reach.

    I can see where it would have come in handy for more than just chipping slag.
    Dirt removal.
    Peening a weld.
    Rust removal.
    Paint removal
    Carbon removal.

    What else am I forgetting:

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    I bought one 35 years after i started and never thought i would use one. Until i got a job in a gas fluxcore only shop. Wore out 2 chipping hammers in my first 6 months. Plus i weld internal dividers in 16" pipe and swinging a chipping hammer just won't work so the needle gun is perfect...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I have been thinking of getting 1. After hearing that they ARE very useful I will next weekend


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        I wish i could use one at home but my compressor just wont supply the cfm's needed. At work i use it when repairing salt spreaders and snow plows. Works very well for getting all the rust scale off. Only thing i hate is the noise.
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          I have always used a chipping gun. The straight style same as a scaler but with a chisel instead of many rods. I don't really like the pistol grip ones. I have used both a scaler & chipping gun & they both have there place but I find the chisel end more useful. Really awesome for deep groves when chipping flux out. A scaler is great for paint/rust/dirt removal where it is hard to get to with a grinder. A scaler is also great when you don't want to beat up the finish as much. They also work great as a blow gun to get rid of dirt & crap from the weld area.
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            I used one to knock slag of after using the white alum rods worked good kinda dinged up the alum. But that slag is hard to get off.


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              I tried to tell ya man.. a chipping hammer is just a waste of time.


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                Needle scaler is the way to do it.

                I bought a cheap needle scaler off ebay, and for the money it is one of the best tools i have ever bought. I have been chewed out by inspectors that found chipping hammer dimples and tool marks on finished welds, They dont like that. Added to that it is an actual weld defect. The needle scaler busts off stick slag and flux-cored with ease and it doesnt leave the dimples. the air even helps blow the slag and dust away.
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                  Sturugged, I'm going to assume you are a pipe welder, When it comes to pipe your probably right, But when we are talkng about heavy equipment where I gouge down 2" and use the needle scaller to remove the debris down in the vee thats where the needle scaler shines.


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                    You guys are about to make me put a compressor in the trailer. I have a scaler and removed paint in corners and other little things with it but never taken it mobile.

                    I can sure see the need. They are nice to have around.


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                      I have been using needle guns for years. For the hard slag at the bottom of a deep V droove, I still prefer a air hammer with a chisel, but cleanup afterwards with a needlegun. My experience , it is better to buy more cheap needle guns than a fewer number of supposedly better more expensive ones. Either way, I go through at least two every year.
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                        Ingersoll-Rands are fairly high $ but they hammer hard for about a billion man hours (or at least the older one's did, can't say about the current available) and you used to be able to buy rebuild kits for them.

                        I've got a short (about half the length of the regular ones) Souix Tools right now (only a little over a 100 bucks)and know of others using the same one, it's short and light. Just plumb flat cute, and they've been beat to death for many hours.

                        I put a short whip on them if your air line is big/heavy just for welder comfort, lose a small amount of air flow but I don't care. That plus it's easier to build a new whip when it gets some innevitable burn damage.
                        I take out about half the needles too, to get down in narrower spots, plus they hit a little harder that way.

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                          On the old I-R's that exhaused out the front, I plugged an inline filter to keep oil/moisture out of code welds. Better to replace the tool every few years from running dry in my opinion.

                          I'd still rather use a wire wheel on anything but there are places a needle gun is easier. A wire wheel on a 7" or 9" grinder cleans everything mobetter but a gun can be very handy some days.

                          Some days you eat the bear. And some days the bear eats you.


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                            I bought the cheap harbor freight ones a couple of years ago using the 20 % off coupons. Works great for the money. They were less money then.


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                              A bead brush is my first choice, but the needle gun sure can save the day.