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Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

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  • Preheating 1\2" 6061 aluminum

    Hey guys... i have a project were i need to fillet weld a 4" X 18' X .5" to another piece with the same dimensions. So when its done it looks like a "T". Im using a aluma pro with 1/16th wire (5356). Do i need to preheat this piece for an optimal weld? This piece is going to be a vaccum ring on a vessel that is 6' in dia and about 40' long. So if there are any words of advice or wisdom i would gladly aprreciate them. Thanks guys

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    Is your plan to weld it into a tee shape and then have it rolled into a circle afterwards, If so you need your pc. to be more than 18'.

    You need to call the rolling company to see how much they need at each end.

    We had to put an arc in some 2" x 4" aluminum tube for a project and when they seen that we welded it he said that it will probably break at the weld and was surprised that it diddnt break afterwards so evidentally its crucial to have a good weld.

    With that being said you want to make sure its right.

    A aluma pro based on what I found is a push pull gun so we need to know what machine its connected to.
    You need about 250 amps to weld 1/2" plate aluminum.

    However, What are the pieces going to be clamped to prior to welding because they will pull the heat out of the weld which might be the same as trying to weld 1-1/2" plate.

    When I'm mig welding thick aluminum weldments I will use a temp stick and preheat to 400 degrees F. before I start welding because my Push pull unit is only rated for 250amps max and 200 amps with a 100% duty cycle.

    With that being said if you a larger machine you can get by with less.

    This sounds like a important part to I would do a test pc. with it clamped to what ever your going to hold it with and do some good old destructive testing with a hammer and a vise.

    Good luck.