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Who has the best Hot water pressure washers and type.

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  • Who has the best Hot water pressure washers and type.

    I have a 12 year old cold water pressure washer that was rated about 2 gal a minute at 3,000 psi. I bought from sears.

    I'm at the stage where we are welding on more construction equipment, Gravel trains and trailers.

    We also do a fair amount of structural fabricating where we have to paint our steel that has oil on it from the mill.

    I never thought that electric would be strong enouph until I tried a electric unit a local farmer friend bought and wow was I impressed.
    Its electric 4 gallons per minute at 3000 psi with hot water.
    They also make a sand blaster that hooks up to it with the water.

    The gas unit they sell is a 13 HP with 3.5 gallons at 3500psi with hot water

    I really like the idea of not starting an engine every time I want to clean something and the unit can sit just inside the door verses having to drag the gas powered one outside everytime I use it.

    Will the additional 500 psi be worth the hastle.

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    Has anyone ever used the sand blaster that works with the hot water washer.

    The sales guy also mentioned a product that you spray like soap for etching the steel prior to painting.


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      Instant rust?
      Miller Bobcat 225NT onan
      Millermatic 211
      Spoolmate 100
      (Retapped to fit regular mig tips)
      Work better & less parts to stock.
      Miller 130xp
      T/A Dragster 85 (portability 11 pounds)
      Oxygen/Acetylene torch set 50'
      2. 4-1/2" grinders
      1. 9" grinder
      14" Makita chop saw
      1/2" Aircat impact gun 900#


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        I have sandblasted with it, you use cold though as hot is a waste. No dust and yes some rust but you can dry it and use certain primers over it, not a big deal, it really cuts.

        I also don't care for gas drive, I have built several for a steamer outfit. I designed/sold a system to a bud several years ago, LP fired and its a beaut, over 6 grand. though. You will never miss 500#

        I use mine daily, turnkey operation. Great to de ice cars/trucks, bring them in overnight to dry My next unit will be LP fired and maybe a size bigger but this is pretty good. 5 gpm@1500.

        Alkota is top of the line, it can be bought in parts also. Landa has hot, Hotsy too, I like belt driven pump like the Alkota design.

        I remove the wand and pull the hose thru in freezing weather. This is worth some effort, one of the most highly used pieces of equipment I own.
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          I really don't have pics, most of the work I did relating to wash/blast was prior to digital cameras. I built portables, the early ones were mounted on 1 tons in beds and were crowded and overloaded, when I seen those I talked them in to bigger trucks and bigger units. They can actually do hot injection work with them but the big ones carried 900 gallons of water in 2 tanks, a million btu burner with 11 gpm pumps, ran all by 20 hp liquid cooled Kawasaki engines.

          They didnt use an unloader but a manual bypass valve and wand with trigger taped shut. It had some issues, they didn't want to make a bi ***ual unit due to complexity but could pump 11 gpm against 2000# or hydro test.

          I think you are on the right track in your market. There is a lot of stuff you can do with it, way more than you thought of at this point. In my area someone does it at a rate that isn't worth rigging it up for and I got my own but,,,, its a lot like the crane, you can clean and fast, I wash every customer car and in winter can "cut" ice off car or truck complete. Over night dry.

          It takes some training like welding, its quite skilled and I seen guys do it the hard way for long time. A guy that come the route you did would become pretty proficient in a hurry. A stationary electric would pay back in labor hours,,, its just plain so easy, takes little space and effort. (A portable needs building, own heavy truck, extra start stop effort of doors open and engine drives etc.) You can do this trailer mounted but its not as good as a truck and you can do a fair version in a cargo van or heavy pickup.

          As for operators in a business,,, you want a guy smart enough to be technical enough to run it and just about as lazy as he can be to the point he figures out the easiest way, you want him "nice" but a lazy operator that gets paid a pecentage of truck hours is the way to fly.

          You got to store a portable in a warm building, they can be fixed up and heated but really warm building is the way to fly.


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            Its a good idea to get a good electric/lp fired unit. Its one of thise things that you eventually bite the bullet for and then kick self for not doing 10 yrs earlier. One size better than mine would be ideal. Mine is sufficient for me but for billable work is would make a little difference. You want 6-7 gpm @2000. My money is that you will learn to apply it to the point that you may consider a portable.
            With a box truck weight isn't an issue and you can add saddle tanks to separate road from off road burner fuel.

            Mine is 5 hp and runs on 30A, you would ideally like a 7 1/2 hp and up my burner from 350k btu to about 500k or so. It will really clean fast, heat hot, really makes it melt in cold weather.

            Its one of those things its great to score a real deal on used it often pays to get the right unit new where its got a long service life ahead.
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              I never used mine on steam. I didn't look thru the models or specs that first one looks like mine with steam fittings.


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                As usual you are a wealth of knowlege, I just got off the phone with a guy from Hotsy and they run about $ 1000.00 more than a Landa so It looks like Landa is the direction I'm heading.
                The electric 7.5 HP 4 GPM at 3000 PSI

                Mine will be in the shop between the 2 doors and my shop is heated full time so freezing wont be an issue.

                I will however make mine portable because I can plug it into and run it off my 12000 watt welder and I already have a 100 gallon water tank and pump for running my core drill.

                One off the nasty jobs I get from time to time is installing new aluminum H beams on roll back trailers and they are usually pretty greasy grimmy.

                Using my cold water washer on anything that is greasy is a waste of time.

                S.Berry, Do you have a quick detatchable gun to ease rolling up the hose on your reel.


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                  Is Landa direct drive? As I recall some of them have adjustable pressure too but you can do without that. Yes, I got qui9ck connect at the gun and spool the hose inside and as you describe its in between doors. It was one of the features I knew where would go when I built.

                  I had other business, havnt used it so far today.


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                    The one I'm looking at is Belt drive. Is That Good or Bad


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                      Belt drive is good as far as I know. Its simple and doesn't have some fussy engineered connection only one company makes. There are about 2 companies make good pumps, Cat and someone else, don't recall as this has been several years. They actually rate them in cleaning units, a real salesman could tell you, volume x psi and temp. Everyone focuses on psi but its only half, the amount of water is like using a bigger hammer.
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                        I would never buy a belt drive, more maintance, belts get wet slips, i have a hotsy, gas powered 6 hp, love it. I would be sure it can be run off a tank, makes it very portable.
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                          Who has the best Hot water pressure washers and type.

                          Belt drive or gear reduced direct drive washers will suck water from a tank. If it's a high speed direct drive it needs pressured water to feed it.


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                            The best and proven.

                            I have two of these on skids, one diesel, one gas, both diesel burners. Weight around 900lbs. 3000psi at 5 gall pm................they clean planes, trains and anything dirty, hot hot water and the gpm does the job......five figure toys though, these are truly professional machines.


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                              I borrowed a little cold unit the neighbors have to do a little job the other day. It took a couple minutes to get used to the small cleaning power.