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    I am looking at getting the flex loc from CK Worldwide. I have read all the post about them most all good. Any final thoughts on switching the dynasty WP-20 to the CK brand?

    I'm looking at just the torch head and body, Bonnie at CK has been really helpful. I've been impressed with the response times and useful information they provide from an email.
    Here are the part numbers from the last email, they need to be purchased from the LWS. anybody got these?

    Machine & Welding Supply is an excellent choice.
    Have them order these items for you…

    FLTBAW (body and handle)

    FL2L (torch head)

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    I have the gas cooled version (FL130) with the same head (2-series) you are getting. I love it. I'm primarily welding tubing. I rotate the head without even thinking about it now. It's second nature. When I get a cooler, I'll just get the same setup you are getting. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
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      I've got a 3 series air cooled one coming in the mail. Pretty excited.


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        I've been watching post and reading up on them for a good while.

        I could have used such a thing so many times. I think I'll order it next week.


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          CK makes really fine aircooled flexhead torches. I would expect the same in the watercooled.

          The silicon used in them is far superior than most I have burned up.
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            CK flexhead

            CK flexhead torches are excellent. I've been using the water cooled one for
            some time.


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              To get into tight spots the CK 24W is hard to beat, it's complete head assemble is 1/8 of an inch shorter than a 20 series cup, it uses the same hoses as the 20 series and will bolt on.

              No water flows through the head of a Flex-Loc 230, the handle is water cooled and the head is gas cooled.


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                Thanks all,
                I placed the order today, well yesterday now. pretty excited about it.
                Just couldn't wait till next week.


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                  Well this post went 5 pages down and I still haven't got the CK set up yet. Seems the LWS ordered the air cooled version and I have to take it back when the water cooled one gets in.

                  I took it out of the pack and really like the feel and look of being able to swivel the head. I want to keep it also but the cable seems a bit pricey plus I have a dry rig anyway.

                  Got 12 feet of aluminum bead to run this week, guess the Dynasty torch will take care of that.