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Is there a trick for re-terminating weld cable in older XR30 push pull gun, to fit in

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  • Is there a trick for re-terminating weld cable in older XR30 push pull gun, to fit in

    Hi Folks,

    I was experiencing some problems welding with my older XR Feeder / XR30 push pull gun on aluminum, (which was well used when I bought it) and someone advised me look at condition of the welding cable as it enters the push pull gun - as he said the wire gets worn from all of the bending and will not carry the current as well. It did look worn, so undid the connection, stripped back a few inches to good wire and tried to re-terminate the way it had been, with a tight wrap of thin copper "foil" around the wire before fitting into the connection. Well, I can't get it wrapped tight enough to fit in, even after cutting off a bit of the copper foil wrap.
    If someone could explain the best way to get this wrapped tight, and terminated, I would appreciate the help!

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    Power Cable to 30A

    This is a sore point in the design..Wire comes loose and starts to arc. Copper wire and the aluminum body is a bad combo to start top it off gets upwards of 200-230 amps run thought it.

    Here are a few tricks we use...

    - Solder the wire so it becomes solid but be careful the solder does no extend too far back into the cable or it will over time spit the rubber jacket on the wire. This way you can file it down so it fits into the gun.

    - If the set screw is not working then you'll have to drill it out and install a new set screw. There is not much aluminum to tap into so the set screw needs to have a fine thread. For panic repairs we've used the set screws out of old ground clamps.

    - TIG weld the gun body to repair then drill and tap

    - We stated to used high temp NeverSeez /Molyslip-Copaslip on every gun be it old or bran new.

    - Maintenance. Take the gun apart 1-2 times a year and check all the connections

    Between the Molyslip and checking the connection we haven't had a power cable problem in a couple of years.


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      Thanks for the advice! I had thought about soldering, but thought I would check here for advice, in case there was a downside to that, or a better method.
      My set scerw is fine, juts have to get the wire to fit in to tighten it.
      Thanks again.