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  • Dynasty 200DX Capability

    What is the maximum thickness of Aluminum that can be effectively Tig welded with the Dynasty 200? I haven't used an inverter based machine as yet and was curious if there was any difference in amp rating vs a transformer based machine.

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    There won't be a thickness difference for steel tiggin between old xfmr and inverter, but for AL tiggin on AC, then a 'good' inverter will allow you to put more balance on the DCEN side. Dynastys can run up to 99%DCEN, while old xfmrs may get you 68%. Big difference. From the miller tig guys:
    Dynasty 200dx will weld 1/4" steel,3/16" al on AC. Dynasty 300dx will weld 7/8" steel,
    3/8" on AC for AL. This is using Argon for butt joints, no beveling. If you want more penetration, then run a helium/argon mix. If you want the most penetration for AL, then run DCEN with 95%helium and 5%argon. Clean everything extremely well, and get ready to rock and roll. It will be fast, and you'll have to maintain a tight arc. Not for the faint of heart.