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  • Cromoly

    I'm new here and I really like the site. It's informative and helpfull.
    Here is my question.
    I have a Broken P.T.O. driveshaft on a dump truck ( app 3 ft long)How do tell if the tube App 1/16 thick is or is not cromoly there is no seam in the tube and it has a very smooth finish. Is cromoly magnetic or not and can I use a standard stainless tig filler rod. If not what is the proper tig filler rod. I will be welding the tube to a cast steel u joint. I'll have no prob tig welding it but I would like to use the proper filler rod so it will last and not just rip off.
    Thank you Dan.

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    DAN S................WELCOME TO THE WEB SITE...... My brothers and I own some Peterbuilts, KW's, etc. you get the idea........I think if it was me for safety sake I would just purchase another one..... When you start welding that thing there is going to be heat which will be takeing away from the tinsel will also have hair line cracks you will be chaseing for ever..........Then after doing all that it still needs to be sent out and balanced.......

    You know how these trucks shake when you got a race out in the rear end....... push the rear end over break the u bolts, brake the spring stacks, blow out the air bags.........etc........

    These things when driving the speed limit spin pretty fast. I blew a drive shaft out of a corvette once.........That was exciteing.....

    If it was me I would just spend the money on a new one, Install it and Be Safe and not halft to .02 cents worth....

    Rock.. [email protected]


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      After reading this post, I'm confused, are we talking about the driveshaft that sends the power to the rear end, thus propelling the truck down the road??? OR are we talking about an auxiliary PTO, that say, is used to drive a small hydraulic pump for the hoist on the box?


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        Rock thanks for the info but as Matt wondered yes it is the shorter drive shaft that powers the hydraulic pump that lifts the box. I was more intresret in info leading to determan weather or not it was cromoly. Like is cromoly magnetic or not or is there a easy test to find out what the material is.