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Multiple TIG torch setups

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  • Multiple TIG torch setups


    I was wondering how you experienced TIG guys set up multiple TIG torches hooked to the same machine. I'm just a home shop guy, but I have three torches to do various projects with. A 350A water cooled one, a 17 sized 150A, and I just picked up a wp-24 size for micro projects. Since it's such a pain to change power adapters, gas and water connections, my thoughts were make a panel/manifold of sorts so I can have all three of these torches hooked up simultaneously. Might need a valve or a switch to direct gas & power, but that's the idea. Just would like some info on how this is done in a professional environment.

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    Multiple TIG torch setups

    There is a device, called a Versa-tig, that is designed exactly for this purpose... But hang on to your checkbook. Big bux

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      Sycrowave style connector

      The Miller Syncrowave connector hooks up the gas and the power at the same time, so for me it is very easy and fast to switch torches. Plug in the connector and turn it 1/4 turn; the hard part is leaning over to reach the connector. I have a 17 type and a CK-9, I believe. I prefer the smaller CK-9 torch unless I need to turn the power up. But both of those torches are air cooled.

      The Syncrowave connector is a variation on the DINSE connector, I believe.

      You could probably build an adapter, using the Syncrowave type connector, if you wanted to go that way.

      If you only have one water cooled torch, you could leave the water hooked up to it all the time.

      Quick-disconnects are available for gas and water. If your welding store does not have them, an industrial supply place will. I think if you have quick-connects throughout your system, changing torches will not be a big deal. My guess is that you are having to use tools to connect and disconnect various hoses.

      Certainly you would not want to waste gas running through a torch that you are not using, so somehow you need to switch the gas from one torch to another, if you go the manifold route.

      I would be interested in what other folks do also, however.

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        Originally posted by karchiba View Post
        There is a device, called a Versa-tig, that is designed exactly for this purpose... But hang on to your checkbook. Big bux
        Yeah, that's slick but way overkill for me. My machine is a 330A/BP, so it just has studs for the power connections. All my torches have valves in the heads, so the gas can be connected to all of them at once. And the water can stay connected to the 350, already have a valve on that going into the machine. Oh and there's also the stick welding lead too. Shouldn't be a problem to rig up a panel. I'll shoot some pics when I get it done.


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          I switch back & forth between a #9 & #17 torch on my machine. I have one torch cable hooked to the machine & just switch the torch itself. Takes about 1 minute to do. These are both single hose torches.

          I would look into quick connects here since you need a water cooled torch also.
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