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Big Blue 300 shutting down

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  • Big Blue 300 shutting down

    I have a Big Blue 300 and a few days ago it started shutting down on its own, yesterday it ran most of the day and then shut down on restart it would run less than a minute and shut down, its not hot, oil is good, fuel is good it does have a slight leak t the injector pump but its ran 10 hours a day since june like that, today did it twice and then ran until lunch/started and ran the rest of the day, any ideas, I'm thinking bad shut off solenoid but?

    PS Im new here, hello everyone

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    One of my Lincoln Commanders was doing exactly the same thing. Since it was intermittent and random, I didn't think it was a PC board. I also suspected the shutdown solenoid, but I compared it to the same solenoid on another Commander that was working. Disconnected all the wires from both solenoids, then went from terminal to terminal (there's 4 of them) with an ohmmeter, both solenoids tested the same. Took all the sheetmetal off, started tracing wires from the ignition switch, thru all the safeties, to the solenoid, with a test probe. Found a bad/slightly corroded spade terminal. Scraped and cleaned it off a little, stuck it back together, hasn't been a problem since.

    This may not be the cause of your problem, but it's worth checking out before you start tearing things apart.
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      My Vantage 400 did the same thing, it was a bad high temp shutdown switch. Jhall helped me diagnose that one.

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        OK, thanks I will check my wires and if thats not the problem I will check temp and oil sensors


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          Well if your working then go direct to the thermostat housing coolant pressure switch, there you will find 2 wires , a large one and a smaller one, remove the smaller one. The unit will run just fine. Then order a new sensor/switch. This sensor is always screwing up. Same unit in both the brands. It is an engine part though so you will have to go to the engine manufacturer with your engine serial & code to order one.