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Millermatic 200 + Spoolmatic 1 voltage question

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  • Millermatic 200 + Spoolmatic 1 voltage question

    I have owned a Millermatic 200 for a few years, and it is a great welder for my hobby/garage repairs. I am in the midst of constructing some extensions for a new table saw from aluminum square tubing ... so, I needed a Spool gun.

    I have just received my Spoolmatic 1 (thank goodness for national Craigslist searches ... it was in MI and I'm in NC!). The gun is the 4-pin plug type as is my MM200. It hooks up fine, and seems to work OK.

    I did a lot of searching to see if I could find a manual showing how the MM200 and the SM 1 work together (in particular, what settings to use for the various thicknesses I plan to weld). No luck, although I found a lot of info on parts and assembly.

    So I then did some searching in the archives and found the link to the Miller calculator showing voltage and wire speed ... very helpful except the MM200 doesn't show the voltage in use! Is there a x-reference that shows the voltage on each setting on the MM200?

    In case it helps. I'm working with 6061 2" square tube with .125" wall thickness. I have an Argon bottle as well.

    Thanks for any assistance that might be given!
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    Just have to take the voltage range, and divide by the number of taps. Then start at the first tap and designate it the lowest number in teh range (10v IIRC), then add the figure you came up with in the first part (roughly 2v) to each additional tap. Only odd thing on the MM200 is that 6 low range and 1 high range are the same voltage.
    It does take a bit to get it running the first time, be sure to push the gun and not pull, be sure to use straight argon. The contact tubes are available, I think I bought my last bunch on ebay, but can be had from miller4less (thoug beware of the small order surcharge).


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      manual for MM200

      scroll down to the chart for Aluminum- that should get you in the ball park.

      The Wire speed on the Spoolmate is only a speed control on the Gun- it doesn't affect the Voltage or Amperage like the dial on the power source itself.
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