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  • Welding Inside

    Are there any regulations for welding (Mig) indoors if the power source stays outside?

    Have a job in a gymnastics building that will require about a foot of mig. Its a small job and most worry will be with grinding sparks on carpet or splatter.

    Have a fiberglass blanket and stands for that.

    I plan on leaving the gas bottle in the trailer with the power source. Huge open building and not occupied at the time.

    Maybe take my daughter for fire and spark watch. She used to workout there.
    I never done a job inside and don't see a problem with it. But you never know until you ask.

    Might be some off the wall OSHA regs I need to know.

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    1 man show- no OSHA
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      Welding Inside

      Most of my work is in finished or semi finished homes we always try to use tig whenever possible.... I this an option for you?


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        Welding Inside

        Tig weld it no sparks.


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          No problem that I'm aware of. The worst thing is hanging around awhile afterwards to make sure no smoldering/fire. If you have some old chunks of carpet they also work for sparks as well as welding blankets. I have a one gallon pump sprayer that I've used on occasion to dampen things up a bit ahead of time also. Don't laugh but I've also used cardboard to direct/contain sparks.
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            I,ve done a lot of welding indoors - both residential and commercial, and have never had a problem. The only time I had to have a "hot permit" was on a job for the local hospital. I had to wait around for 30 minutes after I was finished welding, but there was no issue with having the gas bottle inside with me. I would also suggest going with 75/25 mix to reduce the amount of smoke.


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              Tig was my first thought, Didn't want to drag out the machine. I was thinking I have to deal with grinding sparks so may as well use the extra luggage for welding spatter.

              But I do have a dry rig I can run off the Bobcat. My grounds may have to be in sections to reach. I'll take both and have an option.

              Guess I better get to loading up.



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                No problems with the bottle here. I use lots of welding blankets, I also have used wet canvas tarps to help contain the sparks.


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                  Click image for larger version

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                  Thanks for all the input.

                  Went well, I can't say enough about the nice welds the 211 lays down.

                  The spark thing was nerve racking but the maintenance guy was there watching for me and he said he was seeing no problems and have at it.

                  I used sanding disk instead of grinding disk.
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