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    Hey guys I have googled for days on this topic and I haven't seen anything that has answered my questions. I know I'm kicking a dead horse with this but I am looking to start up my own mobile welding truck and am looking for a machine for the back of my 1/2 ton. pay load of the truck is just over 1700lbs now my question is if I'm looking for a gas welder that does stick and tig both ac and dc what would my options be for a machine? Will a half ton be enough for a light welding rig just to start out? I'm impartial to lincoln or miller they both have their flaws and feats as of right now i have been looking at the ranger 305g and the trailblazer 325 but if i am going to work for machine shops i will need aluminium stainless and mild capabilities. Please help even if this just gives me an idea of what to look at.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Half ton is to light but many have done it just to get started. Put a set of airbag helpers on the back springs & make sure you have LT tires & not P rated.

    If you really need to ask what type of equipment you need you are a long way from going into business.

    If you are serious about tig work I would suggest a Dynasty to run off an engine drive or genset. But I have no clue as to what you want to weld so once you figure that out you may get a better answer. "Working for machine shops" doesn't tell us a whole lot.
    Trailblazer 250g
    22a feeder
    Lincoln ac/dc 225
    Victor O/A
    MM200 black face
    Whitney 30 ton hydraulic punch
    Lown 1/8x 36" power roller
    Arco roto-phase model M
    Vectrax 7x12 band saw
    Miller spectrum 875
    30a spoolgun w/wc-24
    Syncrowave 250


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      that is why i was thinking the ranger 305g efi with the invertec v205-t as a head(in time) so i could run tig for doing stainless and aluminium work i admit i havent done the most research but I'm still in the early planning stage.


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        Well I'm in a long start up mode myself.

        Just taking on small jobs until I can push it more. From July til now I have used Tig 10 times, Mig 5 times and stick 2 times.

        If I were going after heavy equipment I guess stick would take over, railings and other fab projects, then Mig.

        Just waiting on people to call me, Tig gets used the most. Even being mobile I have done aluminum once, SS none, Mig and stick a few times mobile.

        If you are on the coast I would guess a good Tig machine would be used a lot. Inland farm areas, stick and Mig.

        Being able to cover it all is what you need but your location may decide what to get first.

        I took the one machine at a time route. Then added an engine drive to power the other two.


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          You might consider a trailer with your 1/2 ton.---Meltedmetal


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            No A/C weld power on a 325, would need a TB 302, then add a hf box.
            I have been in business for over 10 years. I have used field TIG exactly 0 times. Everything I have been asked to TIG was able to come back to the shop. Stick and MIG are staples of field welding. I do residential ironwork contracting.


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              Ok, I was considering a trailer pretty much from the start right now I'm just making a list of tools I use on a job and my current place of employment for hand tools it seems like an air compressor might be a good way to go and to cut down on weight while increasing productivity. At this point in time injustice looking to preemptively source work and see what the market and need is for a mobile welder. As for the tig portion I'd have to agree it doesn't seem like ideal conditions to be tig welding out doors, as for location I am land locked in friendly manitoba. Seeming like the best best for money right now is the lincoln 305g with efi, has anyone had problems with these? Is there an equivalent machine for price that beats the ranger 305g efi in pipe and structural?


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                I worked out of a 1/2 for a couple of years and I carried too much stuff. I could probably do it again and I agree about the tig. I wouldn't mess with it unless I absolutely had to, I personally don't use wire in the field either. Concentrate on 1 thing at a time and this kind of work separates the real welders out. If you are starting out would try to be the best stick welder I could, get a job where its difficult and highly inspected for some experience.

                I went to a job the other day, it wasn't all bad but you could see where the guy had trouble with out of the way overhead and verticals. Not a bad fabricator but a self learned hand to mouth welder.